MCL Technologies MT2000 Series

Making the Most of Your MT2000

MCL-Collection for MT2000 software may be purchased as either Motorola branded or MCL branded software.

Note: MCL-Link Lite for MT2000 is freely downloadable software. No purchase is required to use this product. Therefore, no order number exists for it.

Motorola Branded MCL-Collection for MT2000

Motorola Part Number Product Description
SWE-123872-01 MCL-Collection for MT2000 (includes 1 MCL-Designer for MT2000, 1 MCL-Link for MT2000 (4 devices))
SWE-123877-01 MCL-Designer for MT2000
SWE-123877-02 MCL-Designer for MT2000 Upgrade
SWE-123882-01 MCL-Link for MT2000 (1 Device)
SWE-123882-02 MCL-Link for MT2000 (4 Devices)
SWE-123882-03 MCL-Link for MT2000 (8 Devices)
SWE-60624-01 MCL-Client (1 Device)
SWE-60625-01 MCL-Client (10 Devices)
SWE-60626-01 MCL-Client (25 Devices)
SWE-60627-01 MCL-Client (50 Devices)
SWE-60628-01 MCL-Client (100 Devices)

MCL Branded MCL-Collection for MT2000

Scansource Part Number Product Description
MCL270023003 MCL-Collection for Symbol MT2000 (includes 1 MCL-Designer for MT2000, 1 MCL-Link for MT2000 (4 devices))
MCL278023003 MCL-Designer for Symbol MT2000
MCL278023003U MCL-Designer for Symbol MT2000 Upgrade
MCL203213010 MCL-Link for Symbol MT2000 (1 Device)
MCL203213030 MCL-Link for Symbol MT2000 (4 Devices)
MCL203213040 MCL-Link for Symbol MT2000 (8 Devices)
MCL99101301 MCL-Client (1 Device)
MCL99101303 MCL-Client (10 Devices)
MCL99101304 MCL-Client (25 Devices)
MCL99101305 MCL-Client (50 Devices)
MCL99101306 MCL-Client (100 Devices)

Further Assistance

If you need further assistance about what to order, please open a Ticket on our Support Center and submit it to our Sales Inquiries department. One of our Sales Inquiries and Business Development associates will help you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

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