MCL Technologies MT2000 Series

Making the Most of Your MT2000

Application Development

To create MCL applications for MT2000 Series devices, you must purchase one of the following:

  • MCL-Designer for MT2000
  • MCL-Designer for MT2000 Upgrade
Do you own MCL-Designer for Phaser? Then purchase...
YES MCL-Designer for MT2000 UPGRADE
NO MCL-Designer for MT2000

If you do not own MCL-Designer for Phaser, purchase the full MCL-Designer for MT2000 to create custom applications for MT2000.

However, if you do own MCL-Designer for Phaser to develop applications for Symbol P360, P370, P460 and P470 scanners, you only need to purchase MCL-Designer for MT2000 Upgrade. This upgrade gives you a full MCL-Designer for MT2000 license but at a reduced price for existing Phaser developers.

To be eligible to purchase MCL-Designer for MT2000 Upgrade instead of MCL-Designer for MT2000, when you submit your purchase order for the upgrade product, simply provide proof of ownership for your existing MCL-Designer for Phaser.

Note: For mobile computer developers that have MCL-Designer V3 Full Edition, no additional purchase is required to support the MT2000 Series. Simply download and install the MCL-Designer Device Plug-in (DDP) for MT2000 onto your full edition MCL-Designer installation.

Application Execution

To run the MCL applications you create using MCL-Designer for MT2000, you must have one of the following running on your MT2000:

  • MCL-Client for MT2070
  • MCL-Client for MT2090
Targeted Device Then purchase...
MT2070 Nothing...
MT2090 MCL-Client license - orderable in 1, 10, 25, 50 and 100 license packs

MCL-Client for MT2070 is factory embedded and licensed on all MT2070 devices, by Motorola, at no cost to you. It is ready to use right out of the box. No separate purchase is required.

MCL-Client for MT2090 is an optional component. It is factory loaded on MT2090 by Motorola, but not licensed. You must purchase the necessary MCL-Client licenses separately. They are orderable in 1, 10, 25, 50, and 100 license packs. One license is required for each MT2090 on which you want to run MCL-Client for MT2090.

Scanning Deployments

If you are running a MCL custom application that is just doing 'Scanner Output', all you need is MCL-Designer for MT2000 to create your application and a licensed MCL-Client for your MT2070 or MT2090.

Mobile Computing Deployments

If you are running a MCL custom application that does more than just ‘Scanner Output’, you must have one of the following to communicate between your MT2000 and a PC:

  • MCL-Link Lite for MT2000
  • MCL-Link for MT2000 (1 Device)
  • MCL-Link for MT2000 (4 Devices)
  • MCL-Link for MT2000 (8 Devices)
  • MCL-Net

MCL-Link Lite for MT2000 is freely downloadable software. No purchase is required to use this software.

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